Cheeky Glamour

Creative Injectionists - Creative Direction team based in Melbourne, Australia - incorporating the skills of leading multi-disciplinary Australian artists.


Pin up illustrations of Alberto Vargas c. 1940s

You can’t go past a classic sketch, and Alberto Vargas was the master.


Oh, just a little grocery shopping with Karl at Chanel. No biggie. *Dressed

Chanel supermarket catwalk concept #Chanel

'Nocturnally Yours'

Letting go of the polished world as star of the stage, Australian burlesque artist Sina King lets her hair down as muse for fashion photographer Peter Karate. ‘Sina wanted to listen to Arctic Monkeys song ‘Arabella’ on repeat to get into the theme” Karate claims, “it worked, in fact I think the shoot would have been great footage for the music video”. Raw, gritty, and untamed was the brief. We think they nailed it. 


Elvira’s 1958 Thunderbird
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark - internationally famous horror movie hostess, Queen of Halloween, and Cult Icon!

(Source: vintagegal, via vintagegal)

Modern Mamacita

Mexican food, Mexican fashion, colorful and flavorsome… Just like our day shooting for Cheeky Glamour.  Summoning the playful essence of vintage pin-up and polished with a modern touch of glamour, the team created an urban twist on the iconic imagery of Mexican festivities.

Create an inspired look and take yourself out for a themed night on the town… if you’re in Australia be sure to keep it south of the border, of course.

Styling/Model: Sina King

Photographer: John E Photography

Sombrero: Mexican Poncho 

Kaftan: Cheeky Glamour (POA)


Vibe Suggestion: DINING: Touchè Hombre EVENT: Titty Twister

The use of simple shades and scenarios vs the detail of the pattern and repetition makes for a very effective combination. Bravo Emma! 


I just love people who are bold enough to get out there and do what they do and do it without fear! :)

Me too.